Who's riding? Tracy Moseley - Snow Bike Festival | 4-Day MTB Stage Race
The Snow Bike Festival is a 4-day MTB stage race, which takes place in the wonderful region of Gstaad, Switzerland.
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17 Dec Who’s riding? Tracy Moseley

World Downhill Champion, 3x World Enduro Champion, 2x World Cup DH Overall Champion, are just a few of her numerous incredible achievements. We are very excited to announce that Tracy Moseley will take on the 2017 Snow Bike Festival. Here’s what she had to say:

© Matt Delorme 

The Snow Bike Festival

I’d describe the Snow Bike Festival as a “crazy winter race”. My goal is to have fun and get some good training in!

Have you been biking on snow?

No… not sure what to expect, I hated the Megavalanche snow section on my bike so just hope a fat bike makes the snow more fun!


I think it’s a bit crazy for people who are riding them on the dirt, but for the snow and sand it makes sense and is a great idea!

Mountain Bike or Fatbike?

© Matt Delorme 

I usually don’t ride in the snow.


I’d describe it as beautiful, old, traditional.

Training for the Snow Bike Festival

I don’t know, just a bit of general bike riding will be my preparation, I’m trying to retire so not doing any horrible training now, just riding for fun!

Tips for the amateurs

Make sure you eat and drink enough to keep your energy up for 4 days and try to stretch in the evenings.


Want to race against Tracy Moseley? Get signed up here: www.snowbikefestival.com/register-now/

Want to find out more about the 2017 Snow Bike Festival? Check out our Event Guide here: www.snowbikefestival.com/event-guide